Specializing in Acrylic, EIFS, and Moldings

Celine Wall Finishing Ltd. brings over 10 years of experience in the stucco business. We take pride in doing an exceptional job, whether it be for your home or your commercial building. Trust us for your next Stucco Project.

Stucco Options

Celine Wall Finishing Ltd. uses a variety of products for our projects. This includes a full line of Stucco Systems, Basecoats, Aggregates, Acrylic & Synthetic Finishes for both homes and commercial buildings. We can accommodate you with a large variety of Colours & Textures to suit your needs.

Acrylic Stucco Finish

When you chooose an acrylic finish, you are choosing a smoother look with colour actually inside the acrylic. This colour is less susceptible to fading because the paint is part of the finish. There are also additives which preserve the colour.  No Painting is required, although the stucco can be painted.

Trim Mouldings

Trim and door mouldings are custom made and installed by Celine Wall Finishing Ltd.

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)

For commercial properties, an effective insulation protective product can be applied as part of the stucco process.  This process includes primus and fibreglass reinforcing mesh and acrylic finish.  This a premium product that offers both design, style and high insulation value. 

Ask us for more details if you think Exterior Insulation Finish is right for you.

Recent Stucco Projects

Celine Wall Finishing Ltd. provides stucco solutions for both residences and businesses, from garden sheds to multi-storey commercial buildings. Contact Us for a list of recent projects we have completed. We'd be happy to send you photos or addresses to show the quality of work we do.